The Power of Pure Presence


A 4-day Retreat in Auckland

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The Power of Pure Presence
A 4-Day Retreat with Jared Franks in Auckland
February 17 – 20, 2023

Where do you put your attention? Most humans put their attention on thoughts, the physical body and emotions. Out of these arising phenomena, we create a story of our reality. This is the nature of suffering, to be lost in our own object narrative. Without the narrative, what is left? What is here before the arising thought “I”? Here is presence, and full presence has the power of clarity, intelligence, silence and love. You are invited to discover your own presence, and discover yourself as presence itself.

Cost: $325 (NZ),  $295 (AUD)

Venue: 1119 Scenic Drive, Auckland, New Zealand

Times (all in NZDT):
Friday OPEN OPEN MEETING at 6pm – Open for all who would like to attend with a suggested donation of $20
Saturday and Sunday: 10am, 2pm and 5pm
Monday: 10am and 2pm