Dear Eli,

It’s been a few weeks now since our one-on-one meeting and I would like to report to you how immensely happy and grateful I am for this precious opportunity to meet with you!

Yesterday, in trying to describe meeting with you to my brother, I said: “it was like meeting the coolest, most true and most loving version of myself” ; )

And this is clearly not limited to the time I spent with you – it feels like something has opened up and is opening up ever more deeply and in every moment I am aware of a joyful aliveness and light-hearted naturalness that I feel being an effervescent emanation of my natural Self. This feels wonderful! Some of the ways this expresses itself are in fully saying YES to life – just as it IS … in being spontaneous … in being courageous without having to sum up courage … All this appearing in deep, alive Stillness …

Also, I’d like to share with you that I am so grateful for the Enneagram Mastery Course! The last one two days ago again was so powerful – you come through so crystal-clear! Some passages, if not the whole of your exchange with Sascha is so strong – maybe good materieal for a clip? – as well as the last couple of minutes, ending with your invitation to go all the way!

A loving and grateful heart at your feel all the way –

Caroline W.