Dearest Eli,

Sending you lots of love from India. Together with Dominique we traveled from Mahabalipuram to Pondicherry and finally to the Arunachala. So lucky to visit this place, to live on the feet to this mountain and to feel this huge and supportive invitation to stop and to be still. I see you and Gangaji everywhere….

2 days before leaving Germany a good friend died, and by grace I could be with her the whole night until she died early in the morning in my arms.

For hours I was in silence with her and at one point when I saw that breathing became difficult for her I guided her without any thought first to relax and then I did a little trance induction with her. The words came naturally by itself and I could see and feel her relaxation. Somehow It has been like a birth process coming in waves and I was surprised by the natural facility of this process. I felt I could support her in leaving this world and she gave me the teaching how to leave this world step by step just in being present with what is happening right now.

Thank you again so much for your teaching. What a gift it is for myself and for so many people. And even if I am far away from your mastership to guide people I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do this, to learn and to see the benefit of this beautiful work.

This evening we will surrounding the Arunachala by full moon and you and Gangaji will be (in) my heart as always

I hope and wish that you are well, my dear Eli.

Please also give my love to Gangaji

With love and gratitude