Sweet friends,

I cannot believe how my life has changed since Australia. There has been the most profound awakening to my heart through the grace of our teacher. People are waking up left right and center through true friendship. Just learning how sensitive we all really are has allowed me to realize that this soul is a marshmallow of warmth and gentleness and kindness.

It’s really effortless actually. Only positivity, warmth and beauty is being reflected outwards into the external manifested experience, and the skill of using inductions in yoga classes has caused people to become somewhat religious in following me around the city for yoga classes.

I am so so so careful about what I learned in Australia with the Guru trap, because the moment there’s inflation, I don’t feel the same soft and sweet peace I feel when I’m just quiet and allowing the transmission of silent love to flow through me.

I sing the praises of this school so deeply and sweetly and I want to come to Ashland again in March but it’s not in my heart or budget to take off time from work where this teacherless teaching has claimed my soul from the inside out.

This radical positivity and genuine warmth that is my true nature has transformed me into the silent ecstasy of my own blissfully beating heart on the surface of my skin.

I do want to be there with you in March, but, I am so in love with what’s showing up here that I actually only want to be there because I now know that this peace and bliss is limitless. I am that.

Thank you so much my loving mentors.

You’ve taught me how to be a true friend and I can’t thank you enough.

Sat Nam (I am this truth of my heart)