I had my first session with Jared on Maui, 2015 and it was a true game changer for me. I was aware of my 9 fixation but only from a cognitive/textbook understanding. Until this session I had no visceral connection with what was running underneath the surface. Thanks to Jared’s clarity and openness, something very deep was revealed to me. There was an energy surfacing that was beyond my body and mind. The session culminated in a profound opening and after that I think I laughed for 3 weeks straight. Since then, I have continually been confronted by some core issues–particularly anger, laziness and fear. I am now able to see the trap of trying to overcome or fix my patterns and see the choice of opening to them; and knowing that this choice alone is freedom itself.

I had another session with Jared this past retreat (August 2016, Ashland) and saw how deeper patterns of fear are operating. In given full permission and space to own it, to feel it and not project it outward, a deeper capacity for growth and maturity has been revealed. I feel very grateful for this transmission of peace and freedom as it is being spread through the Leela School and through teachers like Jared. This is a rare gift.